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Bamboo Shades Add Texture

You can easily add texture to a room by using affordable bamboo shades. Bamboo shades are sometimes called woven wood shades, or matchstick shades. They give a room another layer of texture. In addition, they also work equally well in casual or dressy spaces.

Bamboo Shades filter the light coming into your room.

You can use them alone or under other window treatments. Add curtains as another layer to increase privacy. This combination really works well for both privacy and light control. You can choose plenty of  openness and natural light when you want it. You can also choose to protect your privacy when you need it. It’s your choice.

Bamboo Shades are Environmentally Friendly

These shades bring natural beauty into your home. Because each shade is made from renewable woods and fibers, each shade is unique. No two shades ever appear to be exactly alike.

Bamboo Shades Offer Several Custom Upgrades.

The cordless lift mechanism enhances product safety and eliminates lift cord tangles. As a result, it is probably the most popular custom upgrade for woven wood shades. Cordless shades are safe and easy to raise or lower.

Similarly, Continuous Cord Loop controls are easy to operate and a great choice for larger/heavier blinds. Cord loop controls attach to the wall or window frame. They also enhance product safety and reduce unsightly tangles.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up controls will raise and lower in either direction. For example, shades of this type provide privacy similar to that of a cafe curtain.

Raise or lower your bamboo shades at the push of a button with a motorized lift upgrade.

Liner fabrics provide light control for your matchstick blinds. Choose from blackout or light-filtering liners to get the perfect amount of natural light for your requirements.

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Window Treatments for Reducing Energy Loss

Shades control amount of light while draperies control air circulation. Light can still penetrate the room when shades are up and draperies are closed but air is trapped behind fabric. Fitted Roman shade covers the entire window area halting air circulation when shade is lowered. Using a white lining on the glass side will reflect light and heat back outside.

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Restricting air circulation around a window is a requirement for maximum energy savings. A close fitting Roman Shade that is mounted inside the window opening will trap dead air against the glass and reduce heat loss or gain by as much as 25%. To maximize energy efficiency, mount shades as close to the glass as possible.

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Convenient Magnetic Curtain Tie-Backs

MagnaClips magnetic curtain tie-backs make it a easier to cinch up drapes and curtains with flair. They are styled magnetic discs that sport a tie-back strip in the middle.

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Magnetic curtain clips take the place of old style curtain tie-backs. These magnetic curtain clips by Magnaclips add a decorative, contemporary look to your curtains. You can quickly and easily pull back your curtains during the day to let in more light, or change the look of the room simply by repositioning the clips.

Here is a video showing how to use the Magnaclip magnetic tieback clips – the sound isn’t very good but it may help you to see how they work.

  • super strong magnets – stay where you put them
  • strong enough for a heavy black out drapery
  • very attractive – several colors and styles to choose from
  • easily attached and released
  • no holes in the wall
  • no installation
  • no tools required