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Window Treatments for Reducing Energy Loss

Shades control amount of light while draperies control air circulation. Light can still penetrate the room when shades are up and draperies are closed but air is trapped behind fabric. Fitted Roman shade covers the entire window area halting air circulation when shade is lowered. Using a white lining on the glass side will reflect light and heat back outside.

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Restricting air circulation around a window is a requirement for maximum energy savings. A close fitting Roman Shade that is mounted inside the window opening will trap dead air against the glass and reduce heat loss or gain by as much as 25%. To maximize energy efficiency, mount shades as close to the glass as possible.

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Window Treatment Ideas – Keeping Energy Efficiency in Mind

Control Circulation

Restricting airflow at the top, bottom and sides of the window treatment is a key to saving energy. Close the top with a cornice or ceiling mount drapery, fitting the bottom close to the sill or floor and sides snugly to the window frame. This will trap dead air, containing heat in summer and cold in winter, cutting heat transfer by 25%. Center overlap stops 10% heat loss. Inside mounted (inside the window frame) treatments should be placed 1” from the glass to maximize energy efficiency.

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Just like when you dress yourself for cold weather, layers are the way to go. Even using the best currently available construction technology, your heating dollars are going out the window (sorry). Your best defense is to make use of multiple layers of window coverings.