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Convenient Magnetic Curtain Tie-Backs

MagnaClips magnetic curtain tie-backs make it a easier to cinch up drapes and curtains with flair. They are styled magnetic discs that sport a tie-back strip in the middle.

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Magnetic curtain clips take the place of old style curtain tie-backs. These magnetic curtain clips by Magnaclips add a decorative, contemporary look to your curtains. You can quickly and easily pull back your curtains during the day to let in more light, or change the look of the room simply by repositioning the clips.

Here is a video showing how to use the Magnaclip magnetic tieback clips – the sound isn’t very good but it may help you to see how they work.

  • super strong magnets – stay where you put them
  • strong enough for a heavy black out drapery
  • very attractive – several colors and styles to choose from
  • easily attached and released
  • no holes in the wall
  • no installation
  • no tools required

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Make a Template to Hang Your Curtain Rods

I was going to have to hang four curtain rods, I came up with a solution to hang them all at the same height and the same distance from the window.  This process in the past has involved measuring up, measuring out, using a level, repeat. Sometimes it would involve drilling multiple holes when something didn’t work out.  So, I took some time to figure out where I wanted the holes and I made a template.

via missmustardseed.com

Here’s a clever solution to the problem of not having enough hands when trying to position the brackets for a curtain or drapery rod. She shows how to make a template to aid with bracket placement. Sweet!