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Control Your Blinds, Lights and Thermostats from Your iPhone

Somfy Systems, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of radio-controlled motors for interior and exterior window coverings, today announced that it is launching a suite of mobile apps that will allow users to access and control their TaHomA® systems from a variety of mobile devices. TaHomA® is Somfy’s total home automation system that enables users to control Somfy-powered motorized window coverings along with lights and thermostats. The TaHomA iPad® app is currently available for download from the iTunes App Store for $29.99; an additional demo app for the iPad® as well as an iPhone® and iPod Touch® app will be available early this year.

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This should work well for increased home security as well as climate control. No more coming home to a dark, cold house. I have had some experience with installing Somfy remote controlled blinds – the radio signal is strong enough to work from another room and you don’t have to mess around with aiming the remote at the sensor as is the case with shades that use IR technology.