I have customers tell me all the time that what I do in an hour or two would take up the entire weekend if they were to do it themselves. Many tell me that they hired me because I’m so much cheaper than counseling.

A do-it-yourself approach to window coverings doesn’t have to ruin your weekend or your relationship. There are simple procedures for most tasks that can lead the way to an attractive and sound installation and at the same time avoid the potentially expensive gotchas and errors caused by inexperience.

Since 1983, I’ve worked full time as a window covering installer in one of the fastest growing regions of the western United States. As a result of the explosive growth in my community, I had to adopt methods of work that allowed me to get jobs done quickly and accurately. This website is my attempt to share my 25+ years of experience with those who are inclined to install their own window blinds. I hope you find it useful.


“Never fight an inanimate object.” – P.J. O’Rourke